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New Phytologist Volume 217 Issue 4

New Phytologist

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Volume 217 Issue 4 | March 2018
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New Phytologist is an international journal offering rapid publication of high quality, original research in plant science. Covering four sections - Physiology & Development, Environment, Interaction and Evolution - articles cover topics that range from intracellular processes through to global environmental change. Cross-disciplinary approaches are particularly encouraged and we recognise that techniques from molecular and cell biology, and functional genomics through to modelling and system-based approaches will be applied across the whole spectrum of plant science.

Plants, People, Planet aims to publish outstanding research across the plant sciences, placing it firmly within the context of its wider relevance to people, society and the planet. We therefore encourage scientists to consider carefully the impact or potential impact of their research on people’s daily lives, on society, and on the world in which we live. We welcome submissions from all areas of plant sciences, from ecosystem studies to molecular genetics, and particularly encourage interdisciplinary studies, for instance within the social and medical sciences and chemistry and engineering.

Plant science is a rapidly-moving field and, as such, Plants, People, Planet offers a platform for new and emerging plant science subject areas that have the potential for societal impact. To highlight the impact or potential impact of the research to society all submissions should be accompanied by a ‘societal impact statement’.

Submission to Plants, People, Planet is now open.

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39th New Phytologist Symposium

Trait covariation: Structural and functional relationships in plant ecology

The 39th New Phytologist Symposium took place in Exeter, UK, 27–29 June 2017.

Read the Meeting report: 'Trait covariance: the functional warp of plant diversity?'.

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New Phytologist next generation scientists 2017

New Phytologist next generation scientists 2017, an event exclusively for early career researchers, funded by the New Phytologist Trust and Wiley, took place in Norwich, UK, 24–26 July 2017

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